Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Voice Of The Marytrs Introduction Blog Message

Hello and Welcome To A Voice For The Martyrs Blog. This Blog is dedicated to our Master, Friend, Brother and Savior Yahushua The Messiah. This Blog was created for our brothers and sisters in the body of Messiah around the world that are being tortured, imprisoned and murdered for their witness, to edify the Most High and Our Messiah and to expose darkness. May all people come to the saving truth of Yahushua The Messiah. Shalom. Hear O Yisrael, Yahuwah Elohim, Yahuwah is One! Please Check out these websites because they need our support and help: www.freegao.com (This is a Human Rights petition that needs to be signed. Very Important). www.persecution.com www.prisoneralert.com www.releaseinternational.org www.smiletrain.com www.kgpaul.com www.fossilizedcustoms.com www.messianicbible.com www.worldchallenge.org (The website of Pastor David Wilkerson). www.davidwilkersontoday.blogspot.com www.tenandwin.com (This is a free contest sign up). www.shatterthedarkness.net www.prayinjesusname.org www.zerodisease.com www.speedhealing.com www.wnd.com www.beyondhealth.com www.keithtruth.blogspot.com www.gfa.org (Very Important Website. Please Support this website). www.thepetitionsite.com/1/free-gao-zhisheng, www.boydgraves.com, www.toolsforhealing.com, www.steppingstonesnigeria.org (Very Important)